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MAHORIKATAN - Sacred Dance for Heart Healing


Mahorikatan is a dance in an altered state of consciousness; it’s a soft, subtle and deep trance, which involves the dissolution of all the individual stresses and internal chaos.

To reach this state, one must let all resistances melt in order to reach deep intimacy with oneself.

It is a trance that requires calm, inner peace, serenity and abandonment. This is also what this dance brings.

When the dancer in trance has his heart in peace, the purity of his essence expresses itself delicately with refined movements of ecstatic grace, where the being becomes the messenger of his own soul.

For the practitioner, it is a quest in the core of himself, an extremely subtle initiatory path by which he meets and passes gradually through, with abandonment, everything that clutters his heart.
It is a path of profound transformation through the power of the Yin and the welcoming of oneself.

For the witness, it is a moment of great emotion and inspiration.
Touched in his sacred dimension by the vibration of the dance, its own forces of transformation and healing come alive and open a path to freedom for his soul.

Mahorikatan is a Sacred Healing Dance that takes us to the core of the truth that founds ourselves.
Thus, our essence makes us experience unity and its specific grace, through which we emerge renewed and reborn.

Open public ceremonies, courses & workshops

The open public ceremonies are welcoming spaces where some can discover the Mahorikatan vibration, and others can be fed by it and deepen the encounter with themselves. These moments are free of charge and accessible to all, provided a registration in advance.

During the courses and workshops, you are first taken, as participants, in a psychophysical work to release physical and emotional internal tensions. Then, gradually, you are guided in a very subtle process of abandonment and trance through which you will gradually experiment the dance and the effects of the vibration of Mahorikatan. These moments are accessible to all, and the fee depends on the type of workshop.